I am following the explanations in BMgr Craig's book p.74-79, but I am
missing or don't understanding something.

The BMgr has 2 NICs, one with public IP address 81.xxx.xxx.84 & mask, the second with private IP address &

The ISP router has the public IP address 81.xxx.xxx.81 mask

My domain is mydomain.co.il ... do I need the ISP domain?
ISP gave me only their DNS addresses: &

Questions about info for INETCFG:
1. Which of the above IP addresses shall I use for 'default route'?
2. Is the domain name a must? Shall I use my domain?
3. Shall I use the ISP addresses for Name server #1 & Name server #2

I tried to ping 'www.novell.com' but ping can't use the URL.