Hi everyone!

I've been struggled with Zenworks and MSI creation via adminstudio for a while now and thier is many different opinions about how to set up applications via Zenworks. And i still got some issues with the distribution of some application. And therefore i will ask here, how YOU setup application where you working?? which workaround you are using to make most of your applications working for your users...

Some background where iam working.
* Working for a education enviroment.
* There is around 500 computers.
* In the enviroment there is around 80% windows XP and the rest windows 2000.
* Our users are privileged.
* We are using Netware 6.5.
* We are using Zenworks 7.
* We create the MSI-packages via AdminStudio 8.6.

I would appreciate if you could share your experiences with me, and all other that will look thru this topic!

The way i use it now is like this:
1. When im done with the MSI (whatever if its via AdminStudio or right from the creators of the applicaiton) i put it in a MSI-object in C1.
I call it APP_INSTALL (APP = the applications name).
I make sure that the checkbox "Distribute in Workstation Security Space if Workstation Associated" is checked. (TAB)Distribution Options > Options.
I put the countainer where we have all computers as a association to this object and make sure the checkbox for "App Launcher" is checked. (TAB)Associaition.
I put filerights for this object where the MSI-package etc is stored. (TAB)Common > File Rights.

2. To make the applicaiton avaible for the users i create a new application-object, but this time as a simple one, and point out where on the local client machine the exe file is stored (in the "Path to file" selection), like %ProgramFiles%\Application\App.exe. (TAB)Run Options > Applications.
And name this to APP_SHORTCUT in C1. (and ofc i use some handy icon, and rename the "Applicaiton icon title" later on)
The last thing Im doing is that i put APP_INSTALL as a "Application Dependencies" in the APP_SHORTCUT object.
Therefore, when the user press on the APP_SHORTCUT thats avaible for them in thier client the APP_INSTALL installs if its not allready installed or damaged. With other word the "Depedency Chain".

There is a several ways that Im also aware of. But im not quite sure which one is the most simple and the most safe of em...