I have a situation where we have an old GW6.5 environment we're planning
to upgrade to GW8 (budgetary reasons have delayed our migration). We
have a primary GW domain and 5 secondary domains.

My overall question is this: Can we stage the migration, where we
upgrade the primary domain first and then slowly upgrade the secondary
domains followed by the post offices in those domains?

We have a couple of post offices in the primary domain (I know that's a
no-no, but it was done before I got involved) and several post offices
in each secondary domain. I'm considering trying to eliminate some of
the remote post offices during this process and consolidate mailboxes
back at the central location.

So, my other question is, can I upgrade the primary domain and post
offices, and then move users' mailboxes from a GW6.5 PO to a GW8 PO? If
I have to upgrade a remote PO first, then so be it, but I'm hoping to be
able to identify a PO that will go away and just move those GW6.5 users'
mailboxes to an existing GW8 mailbox.

Thanks for any advice!

-- Geoff