I have a new NW 6.5 SP7 server that was completely patched. Then installed SP8 and the post SP8 patches for Edir 87.3.10 ftf1, Nat.nlm update. Now Tomcat4 will not start however Apache2 does. What I am trying to do is to get Imanager 2.7 working as it was not installed at server install time for some reason. Is there some way to get Imanager installed and get Tomcat5 installed? I have done the information in TID 7001210 where I use PKIDIAG options 4,5,6,0 and all seemd to go well. I see in TCPCON three connections with local loopback IP,port 636 and remote IP of local loopback and ports 1037 & 1092 and the reverse for local ports 1037 & 1092 connected to remote port 636 and connection established. Now when Tomcat4 tries to start it ends with this on the logger screen:
"class.org.apache.cataling.startup.bootstrap exited with status 1" and that is it.

I also downloaded the OS and PRODUCTS cd for NW6.5 SP8 and was going to try to get it done through GUI and Install but can't seem to see how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.