I currently have both products. And I see bits of info alluding to the fact
that they integrate together. But I can't locate any docs that tell me how.
I only use BM for caching. My current setup is to have the HTTP request go
to the firewall which then passes it along to Websense for content checking.
If the request is allowed then it is passed back to the firewall which then
passes it along to the BM to check for cache. Then out to the internet if
not in cache. This is causing quite a load on the Firewall appliance. I used
to have all requests set to go through BM first then Websense and then out
to the net. But this caused issues with cached content that needed to be
blocked or unblocked. Either way when ever I did a rule change in Websense I
would have to dump the cache to get it to take. For example if a porn site
was getting through and then I blocked it the content was still cached and
the pics could still be seen by the students. Sometimes a shift reload
woould clear it but not always. And the reverse would happen if i needed to
unblock a site. The cached block denial page would keep comming up. Also in
my current config I can run reports on who does what. When I put BM first in
line Websense only sees BM as the requestor not the Individual user. But my
real question again is where do I find info that intigrates the two. Being
that we "winged it" for the setup I could be my own worst enemy. Sorry for
the long question. Thanks.