New thread.

Yes I did restart the server and yes nscd was the culprit, again. Stopped
that and authentication works. iMngr functioning. Yippee. I can even
create a pool.

Since this is a guest os, I need to create NSS volumes from the RAID5 on the
host box.
The OS for this guest is located on a RAID1. The host box has 3 other
drives that are the RAID5 that I want to store data on. RAID1 disks will
hold OSs of guest.

To create a volume using nss I believe these are the steps.
1. create a pool.
2. create a volume using space from the pool.

I select devices and all I see are the xvda,xvdb, etc create on the guest
box. I don't have access to the RAID5. It doesn't see. So,...

When I go to pool to create a nss pool, I get to the second screen where I
can select one or more devices and I don't see any. I can't scan for
devices, since that function in iMngr isn't available on sles.

So, what do I need to do to be able to see devices?