Good Morning,

I recently moved my NetStorage server over to SLES 10.2 w/OES2sp1.

The Basic NetStorage Service has been configured and is working, however these are the issues that still remain after many changes to configurations (mostly Apache2):

Virtual Hosts: I like to have my servers that use Virtual Hosts setup that if you browse to the internal server name (i.e. servername.domain.local) I get the Novell Welcome Screen, and when I browse to NetStorage (i.e. I have a redirect setup to: and it takes me to the NS Login page.

I can get one or the other working, but not both. This used to work fine on NetWare.

NetStorage w/Internet Explorer: When IE 6 is used to access NetStorage (after moving onto Linux), instead of getting a prompt to accept the certificate, I see the certificate text on the right side of the NetStorage home page and I can not login. With IE 7, I get prompted to accept the certificate, but I still get the text and can not login.

With Firefox, it works fine.

Any insight is welcome,

Thank you,