So I've been upgrading to GW8 and migrating to linux servers.

Will this work:

My primary domain is on a Netware machine. (8.0.0 HP1)
My actual PO for my end users is on linux. (8.0.0 HP1)
GMS 3.0.1 running on Windows 2003 R2 server.

Can I copy the gw* files from the GMS server to my workstation (I don't have
Netware client installed on the GMS server), run the gwtrustedapp from my
workstation to the primary domain running on Netware, and have everything
work like magic? I've been having some minor issues and have switched back
to the other access method (connecting as the user, store the password).

Now I know the part about copying the gw* files and running from my
workstation should work since that's the way I've done it several times.
Specifically, anyone know if this does or does not work regarding the
Netware/linux mixture?