I found out after the fact that if you want to do passthrough authentication with the Novell client and a Zen DLU policy on W2k3 TS, the TS server should not be in a domain - makes sense.
So I removed the TS server from our domain, but DLU isn't working, in fact I don't think the Zen agent workstation manager is doing what it is supposed to do. We don't want to use our domain for users to login to TS, just our edirectory.
I have un/reinstalled the Zen agent. The NAL apps show up in the TS sesdsion like they should and the workstation manager service starts but DLU doesn't work. It works for our regular workstations fine. I have checked the TS User package.
Do I need to uninstall and delete reg keys and the Zen folder? Any ideas?
Thank you kindly,
The client is 4.91 sp5