I have the exact problem as an earlier post which went unanswered; I was hoping there ?
was a resolution by now??

?> Hello,?
?> ?
?> I have been trying to install the iFolder client on a new Vista 64 PC. ?
I ?
?> followed support document 340460, and the PC will run the installer, ?
but ?
?> the program won't start up after the reboot. I get a message ?
?> saying, "Failed to Access NiFfltr.sys" "Re-Install Application". Novell ?
?> support has nothing relating to this problem yet...?
?> ?
?> Has anybod got the software to work with Vista 64??

I've actually had the same problem with the 2.15 client on XP machines.?
Uninstalling and reinstalling usually does the trick.?

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