Just setup bm3.8 on nw6.5 spk2. can't access imanager. I went through TID
10090732, "troubleshooting iManager 2.02 on Netware 6.5". There were some
certificate issues, and ldap issues, but they seem to be straightened out at
this point. I was able to export and import the certificate in console one.
apache and tomcat seem to load properly at the console...no errors, however,
I do not see a console screen for apache, or the apache admin server. (are
they supposed to be there?)

Java -show shows 2 instances of "org.apache.catalina.startup.bootstrap".

I can access remote manager from the server console, as well as from an
internal client @ http://<public_ip_address>:8008. the IP address
management screen shows apache and tomcat at ip address "". the
"status" column says this is valid. (nothing on the list is showing as
"invalid"...). iManager 2.0 is in the list, too, also on the ""
address, port 636. But if I try to access iManager from the link at the top
of the remote manager page, it tells me
"Novell iManager does not respond on <public_ip_address>.
iManager is not installed at <context.tree_name>.
would you like to continue searching for iManager?"

which, of course, it doesn't find if you say "yes"....

If I try to go to https:<public_ip_address>:2200 from an internal client, I
get "gateway timeout". same thing if I try it on <private_ip_address>.