Hello All,

We are trying to copy files from a Netware 6.5 server (SP6) to a newer NetWare 6.5 (SP7) server. We are copying an entire volume, VOL1. The source server has a 33GB volume with about 4GB of free space. When we start the copy the disk space on the source server drops and eventually the copy stops when space on the source server runs out. The destination servers volume is 200GB, so I have no idea why the source server is running out of space. We are doing the copy from a Windows XP PC, and to me it looks like the Netware server is doing some type of caching but not positive. We have a couple of work arounds, we can move the files to the new server, but we would like to keep a copy on the old server just in case. The other work around is to do the copy in smaller chunks but that forces us to sit there the whole time.

If anyone has any ideas to what the Netware server is doing and how to disable that PLEASE let me know, thanks for the help!