I am having a problem setting up Client to Site VPN. I have bought Craig's latest book but there does not appear to be a clear cut answer in there.

My servers are configured as follows:

iManager 2.7
BM plugins installed
NW 6.5 SP7 with post SP7 patches - updated TCP

BM server is running NW 6.5 SP7 and BM 3.9 SP2 with all updates per Craig's web site.

The BM server is setup as a VPN Master (we will not be using S2S).

When I go into iManager, I can setup the client to site General configuration but then none of the other tabs work. If I click on any other tab, a new browse window appears underneath the configuration and nothing is populated. I do not know if this makes sense to anyone else but you need to see it.

Also, VPN services appears under the BorderManager Role in iManager and there is not a separate NBM VPN Configuration Role. Not sure that is significant but thought I would mention it.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.