I've searched around and I can seem to find any solution to this. I have a stack of new HP DC5800's and I have a base image with all our standard applications. The base image does have the Zen client installed (10.1.3).

When I image new machines and then manually register the workstations with ZCM, the system keeps updating one workstation in the ZCC. Whatever the last workstation is that I register with ZCM (10.1.3), that is what is in the ZCC.

I've unistalled the ZCM client on the workstation and rebooted, reinstalled the client and it still does this. I've gone into ziswin and cleared the image safe data and re-registered the client, but it still does this.

This is a brand new installation of 10.1 that was upgraded to 10.1.3 on the server and clients.

Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance.