I have been trying to get XEN working along with my USB drives (1.5 TB and 500GB) and I used the auto,hotplug,nofail option in the /etc/fstab file at the startup, after so many frustrations the system actually booted with those switch settings, and I thought that I was on my way, however when I tried to create a new virtual machine, and I tried to use the USB HD as my storage location, it told me that drive was not available because it was not mounted, so I right clicked on the drive, and tried to mount the drive, I was then presented with the next error, Error: etc/fstab configuration doesn't allow for unprivileged operation, scratching my head and ripping out my hair, I looked in the file and at the bottom there was a line usbfs****************/proc/bus/usb********usbfs******noauto****************0 0, which when I looked in Yast showed the two drives with an (*) next to them saying that they could not be mounted, I deleted the line above out of the /etc/fstab file and rebooted but still the drives would not mount,
Now to the Rant why the heck would you mount the drive and then have a command that says "noauto" starting of the USB drives? That seems so backwards I cannot even comprehend why that is done like that, Auto mounting of the drive is what I want and it is always connected so why not just mount it and be done. How does Novell, or even the SLES expect people to pick this up I am saddened to see that this is something that I cannot find an answer to on either Novell's support sight or an easy fix somewhere, (again why should I even have to jump through these hoops) to make a drive work with the OS? I never want to switch to MS but if I can plug a drive in and make it work why wouldn't I (or anyone for that matter) just do that. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.