Hi all--

Environment is NetWare 6.5 SP8, eDir 8.8 SP4, ZfD 7 SP1 (believe IR2, though
haven't yet figured way to determine IR versions)

When I attempt to start the Inventory Service on my Netware server, I see
the following in the log file (using "BRIEF"):

5/1/09 12:34:59.435] ZENInv - Server Config: The severconfig service start
is pending...
[5/1/09 12:34:59.520] ZENInv - Server Config: Getting Cascade INit time
[5/1/09 12:34:59.962] ZENInv - Server Config: Database Location Policy DN
is CN=PUBDEF_ZEN Server Package:General:ZENworks Database.O=ZEN
[5/1/09 12:36:34.159] ZENInv - Server Config: DB Location Policy not
configured properly...
[5/1/09 12:36:34.171] ZENInv - Server Config: Inv Server not configured
properly. Error code: 610
[5/1/09 12:36:34.171] ZENInv - Server Config: Error Type 15 Error 610
[5/1/09 12:36:34.230] ZENInv - Status Reporting: Messages are written into
XML file for DN=CN=Inventory Service_PUBDEF_ZEN.O=ZEN
[5/1/09 12:36:34.282] ZENInv - Status Reporting: Number of records to add
are: 1 for DN=CN=Inventory Service_PUBDEF_ZEN.O=ZEN
[5/1/09 12:36:34.326] ZENInv - Status Reporting: Adding record 0 for
DN=CN=Inventory Service_PUBDEF_ZEN.O=ZEN
[5/1/09 12:36:34.466] ZENInv - Status Reporting: Number of modified records
are: 0 for DN=CN=Inventory Service_PUBDEF_ZEN.O=ZEN
[5/1/09 12:36:34.466] ZENInv - Server Config: Error Type 15 Error 610

When I change logging from BRIEF to ALL, I see the following error several

Root exception is com.novell.service.jncp.NDSException: ccode = -602
(0xfffffda6)]com.novell.java.security.LoginException: Login failed.

Inventory service object-->Status Report-->Server Status shows:

610: The database location policy is not configured.

Tried deleting / re-creating server package, de-selecting and
re-selecting/configuring ZENWorks Database policy within the package,
changing association from the specific server to the entire O, etc.
Of note: This is no SLP package yet created. Also, believe server was SP7
when ZfD was installed. Server was updated to SP8.



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