We have a 3-1/2 year old LCD HDTV that has been in the shop twice for some
faulty power supply component. Earlier last month we received a letter that
the TV is being recalled due to a faulty power supply component that might
be a fire hazard. I really didn't think much of it, since ours had been
fixed twice, and most likely the faulty component was fixed too, but about a
week after I received the letter, the TV turned off again, and wouldn't come
back on (the earlier symptom. So I called it in. They told me they would
sent a box to return the TV to them and as soon as it's received, we'd get a
Best Buy gift card (where we purchased the TV) for $500 as compensation
(it's a 27" TV, and can easily be replaced for that - we'll probably upgrade
a bit, but don't have room for anything bigger than 32"). Of course, the
next day the TV came on again and has been working fine for over a week, but
it's Friday, and I want to get it on the UPS truck today so they'll have it
early next week, and hopefully I'll get my gift card soon!

The box is a laugh. I think they must have reused the same box numerous
times. It's bent and taped together. They sent a small piece of bubble
wrap (that really can't protect anything) and a piece of packing tape to
close the box. And of course the UPS return shipping label. It's obvious
that they do not expect this TV to reach the recall center in working order!

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