we are building a new 6.5 network with a file (NW6.5), mail (GW 6.5),
backup (NW 6.5) and proxy/firewall server (NW 6.5 + BM3.8). We currently
have HTTP Proxy installed and actvie so when testusers log in and thier
browsers are configured to use the BM Proxy server they can. BM is keeping
nice statistics about the user behaviour. We started out with the stndard
filter exceptions that are installed in BM setup and today we found out
that user can access the Internet directly by accessing port 80 on the BM
server. So if they "unconfigure" the proxy server in there browser they can
still access the Internet. Lukily we're not in a production environment
yet... Even when a testuser logs in only locally on a workstation (no NDS
authentication) and start the browser it can access the Internet. That is
not what we want...

Can anyone help us out on were to look for the possible cause of this problem?