I am trying to install BM3.8 on a NW65sp2 server. I am following the
directions from Craig's book.
I have a 3.7 BM server in the tree (in the root). I am installing this new
server in its own OU.

Everything goes smoothly until I go to create the S2S and C2S in iManager.
It prompts for the
Server license and the TRO. . . and for some reason the install does not
create the TRO.
I have deleted all the objects, reinstalled NW65+BM38 about 7 times with the
same results. . .
no TRO.

I am trying to create a TRO manually. Craig's book says to "Create a
Certificate using the
public IP address of the server in the Certificate subject name." I can't
seem to do this. It
expects a fully qualified name. I am using the KeyMaterial object. . . not
sure if this is right.
How come I have to create a new Key? There is one in the public directory
and there are
6 other keys created in my OU during the install process.
DNS AG brd2.eligegrp.com
IP AG 146.145.xxx.xxx - BRD2
ServerCert - BRD2
SSL CertificateDNS - BRD2
SSL CertificateIP - BRD2

Am I supposed to be using one of them? Should I be using the .der file on
the BM38 machine or from the master
partition machine?

I am totally stumped.

- Don Reiher