I've just upgraded our system to ZDM7SP1IR3a_HP3 (from ZDM7SP1) to solve a problem with WMRUNDLL.EXE using 100% of processor time.

On workstations I have installed the updated ZfDAgent on, applications that are set to run as the system user (secure or unsecure) are not able to access files on the server - the app gives the error message 'Problem: unable to connect to server XXXX' where XXXX is the server that the file is stored on.

Also, an app that runs a vbscript in the Pre-Distribution script hangs at the point to running that script. Windows makes it's error sound, & wscript.exe is in the list of running processes, but the app just halts forever at the Running Pre Distribution Script stage.

I've tested this with new apps created after the install (though the problem showed up initially with existing apps).

Workstations with the old 7.01 agent installed don't have the problem.

I'm wondering if I should install ZDM7SP1IR3a instead and if the installer will overwrite the HP3 files?
Has anyone else come across this issue with ZDM7SP1IR3a_HP3?