One of the NW 6.5 sp1 SBS servers hang with the followings messages:
Loading volume "SYS"
Activation volume "SYS"...
** Volume layout v36.01
** Volume creation layout v36.01
** Processing volume purge log
** ............. NSS free tree block 1279872 (0x138780) is corrupt on pool "SYS"
"Auto restart after abend" has selected.....

I tried the TID# 10077587 & TID# 10065514.

I created a file called NSSstart.cfg in the servers C:\NWSERVER directory, placed the line /poolAutoDeactivate=all and restarted the server.

I did nss /poolrebuild=sys /with and without the /purge), but the server display the message:
OPtion "nss /poolrebuild=sys" is unknowun to the current NSS configuration and may require other NSS modules to be loaded.

Please help