We are using Netstorage on Netware for years to publish our users
Now the linux version has the ability to publish cifs shares too. So I
tried. I have made a share on an windows 2003 server, that is in our AD. I
made a storage location object in NDS. When I set ntfs rights on the share
for a user local to that server, with same username and password as in NDS,
it works just fine. But if I remove that user from the windows server and set the same rights on the share for a user with same name and password in the AD, it doesn't work.
With a windows pc both work the same, so the rights are correct. It seems
that Netstorage isn't able to authenticate to Active directory. I did try
the same to our Netapp Cifs share, but same results. They have AD security
on them.

Has anyone this working with AD accounts? Or isn't this supposed to work
with AD accounts?

Paul M