I am a bit perplexed at this point in time with the status of the compatibility of .NET and the ZCM Agent. In my environment, I am running ZCM 10.1.3 and I continue to have Agent Crashes and Agents that do not show up in the system tray and that do not return after restarting the ZCM Service.

I, unlike others, have not received any messages on my log files either for the OS or in my ZCM log files when the issues occur.

So, here it goes with what I believe the communications has been for .NET from Novell:

1 -- One should look at TID 7001943 which discusses which version of .NET works with ZCM Agents. According to the TID, the correct version should be .3053. The problem here is that when one installs the .NET 3.5 SP1 you end up with .3052.

2 -- Should .3052 work with ZCM Agent?

3 -- If not how can one get a correct and supported version? Attempting to install .NET 2 SP2 and the aforementioned .NET 3.5 SP1 does not work...

What I am asking for is what version of .NET work with ZCm Agent Version 10.1.3. And, for instructions on if one does not have a version that works how does one obtain that correct files to install and fix the issues?