and others, as far as that goes...

just had a user complain today that their aol IM stopped working when I
installed the new firewall. (just upgraded to BM 3.8).

"and how did aol get on the computer that you use, but belongs to our boss,
who has specifically forbidden that end users install such software?".

"oh, that. um.ahh..well I ah...tappity tap tap tappity tap tap tap".

anyway, not sure that I really want to fix this problem. I suspect that the
software just needs to re-install itself, so that it can re-sniff for
another open port...which there are. (dns, mail, etc). But I didn't tell
the user that. Most people seem more concerned here with preventing such
access, not allowing it. But we don't want to be the "ogres" in IT....this
isn't a school, there are no "mischieve" issues, or traffic problems, etc,
etc. It doesn't bother me, particularly, as long as it doesn't screw
anything else up, or pose a real threat.

so, does it? if so, how?

seen all the talk on how to prevent it, so I'm good there. just wondering
what the arguments are for "forbidding" it.