Anyone familiar with Arcserve: I've been testing AS 11.5 SP3 for Linux, installed on SLES 10.2 and backing up NW 6.5 SP7 using arcserve client agents. I saw everything I wanted to see when testing backups and restore, including restoring file trustee rights. However, when I ran a full backup over the weekend, I set the job to record job and session info only, not detailed info. When I did a test restore, the file trustee rights were not restored.

So, I'm looking for some confirmation here. I suspect that if I had recorded detailed info, the restored files would have included trustee info. My question is, is this strictly a database issue? If I were to run a merge job with those tapes with the detailed info option and then restore, would the trustee rights be restored? Or when I backed up the files, did the trustee rights not even make it to tape? If I need to run a trustbar on each volume and back that up, I will, but I'm hoping that the rights are on tape and I would just have to run a merge job if I need to get trustees back. Thanks for any info.