When helping a department out to try to get Novell-CIFS installed on an OES2 SP1 server, editing the /etc/sysconfig/oes-ldap file to change the admin user temporarily to something with enough priviledges to do the install, after I get to the point where the installer asks for eDirectory Contexts for the CIFS users, I remove the context that is there, and point it to the users OU. I then click on Next and it just sits there and does nothing except show an arrow with an hour glass (gui yast2). When I go to the console and do a ps aux | grep cif I get this

root 20866 0.0 0.0 3704 1292 pts/1 S 15:32 0:00 /bin/bash /opt/novell/cifs/bin/getpwpolicies.sh cn=admin,ou=user,o=org adminpasswd xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 636 1

Where adminpasswd is my admin's password, and xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the ldap server we're poitning at (the server we're installing novell-cifs on). It's now 15:40 and it's still sitting. If I let it sit, it'll still be the same thing. Any ideas, any advice on how to start troubleshooting this? We have only one other OES2 SP1 box in our tree with Novell-CIFS on it, and only a handful of OES2 Linux boxes period. Our 90 or so other servers are Netware. Thanks.

Stewharr At UGA