With Zen 7 SP1 I often used to download the latest hot patch, extract the agent and install it on a few workstations to test it before I went the whole hog and updated the server followed by the rest of the workstations. The hot patches fixed many of the problems we were experiencing and I found these fixes outweighed the downsides of living on the bleeding edge.

With ZCM 10, this doesn't appear to be an option. 10.1.3 has been downloaded to our server and I was able to locate the files in /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/system-update/, however there is no complete agent package that I can see. It appears that the only way would be to manually install the MSI files, however I don't know which ones I would need to install and in what order.

So my questions are...
  • Would I want to test the agent in this way even if I could? (the zen agent/server combination appears to be more tightly integrated than Zen 7 where it was basically agent reads edirectory and schema changes were rare)
  • How would I go about updating an Agent to 10.1.3 without applying the patch to the server?

My colleague is being rather cautious with this patch as others have experienced problems, and if I can demonstrate that the agent fixes some of the stability issues (agent crashes) we're having on the workstations I might be able to convince him to apply it. Otherwise we'll probably wait for SP2.

Thanks in advance.