Existing situation: Netware 6.5 cluster with Zen7 imaging. Workstation
imaging boot from CD. LAN/WAN with VLAN, central DHCP server on
Linux(ISC DHCP srvr V3.0.1rc13) and IP-helper on the switches/routers,
no firewalls.

We want to use PXE boot to replace CD boot for imaging workstations.
DHCP server has to remain on Linux.

I understand that ZenWorks imaging uses pdhcp and tftp on the same
imaging server. This needs 2 IP-helpers on the VLAN switches: one to
the DHCP server, one to the PDHCP server.
In the ISC DHCP configuration, a "next-server" pointing to the
(ZenWorks) TFTP imaging server and "filename" to boot from can be
specified. Can this option be used instead of the pdhcp server on
Netware so we only have to configure 1 IP-helper on the switches?

As the ISC DHCP server is then acting as both DHCP and PDHCP server, do
we need option 60=PXEClient somewhere?