Hi Craig,

Followed your tips (regarding the changes after the cable modem was
Private nic on the BM server= and running POA, MTA and DHCP.
Public nic =, nat enabled dynamic only, put in the DMZ of the
Linksys router without port forwarding. Running GWIA, Webaccess, Webserver
on this nic. Website is available, Webaccess functions as well.
Had the a-record and mx record changed to by the isp. Put this
ip address in the Linksys router.
Put in your proxycfg file on BM.
Telnet ( 25) to the GWIA responds ok.
Sending and receiving mail within the domain works ok.
Surfing the web works ok.
Incoming internet mail shows up on the GWIA screen but does not show up in
the mailbox.
Outgoing internet mail never reaches the GWIA.
Any suggestions??