I thought I was on a roll but have encountered something strange. I have ZLM 7.3 running on SLES 11 and so far have added two clients running SLES 10sp1 which I used this instance of ZLM to upgrade the agents to sp2. So they both are now at SLES 10sp2 and SPident -vv shows that the system is up-to-date. However in ZCC under Devices > Servers these two agents still show updates that need applied. I have mirrored the SLES 10 64 bit, these are 64 bit SLES 10 servers, pool and update bundles and assigned them to the devices. There was over 100 updates, not sure on the exact number but anyways the one is stuck with 81 updates left. It appears stuck. I have rebooted the SLES 10sp2 device and refreshed again but after another day it still reports the same 81 updates. The other one shows an update to SPident which I deleted from the update bundle and refreshed but it still appears. How can I get the agent to clear that entry? How can I get the other one to start applying the updates it needs?