One of our servers has restarted during consecutive weekend full backups.

The server is our main file server and does not run anything else.

Backups are carried out by a workstation running Backup Exec 10.0d using a remote agent on the server.

This server also suffered a hard drive failure a couple of weeks ago. The Raid was rebuilt successfully, and we used NSS /poolverify to check the integrity of the data. This was ok apart from a couple of corruptions so we brought the server back into use and it works fine day to day. We also carry out daily incremental backups and these all all ok.

However something is not quite right. There are a couple of errors on the logger screen.

First one is a JAVA page fault error, the other is:

NWMKDE-103: System Error: 116.5.0 File SYS:SYSTEM/PASRVNFO.DB

and PSVCS.NLM seem to be permanently "blocked on a semaphore".

Also attached in the Abend 1 log.

Can anyone help please?

Robert Scott