Have 4 NetWare 6.5 servers, one patched to SP3 (I know...) and three at SP7. About 200 Windows XP SP2 clients connect to this tree.

Random clients around campus have system date January 20, 2145, and time about 6 hours ahead of current time.

Most of these clients are members of local group Users in WinXP, do not have permissions needed to change their time. Either time reverts back after they log in a few times, or they go in as a local admin and the Client 4.91SP4 sets their time for them on login.

Decided to check the time and synch status on my three servers, just to be sure. Three SP7 boxes report proper date/time, and that time IS synched to network. SP3 box had correct date, time ahead by about six hours (A-ha!), and time is NOT synched.

Only TID I find that seems really relevant is 10011024, seems to suggest that I might be waiting until 2145 for time to synch again...? Specific question, though: Two SP7 boxes are configured to get internet time source time. Wanted to check the configuration in Monitor | Server Parameters | Time, but there are only four parameters there: DST start, DST ed, DST offset, and Time Zone. SP3 box has what I *expected* to find -- DST info, and then "TIMESYNCH Configured sources, TIMESYNCH Debug, etc."

Am wondering if the options went away in the two newer boxes because they are using NTP? Dsrepair synch status shows a table:
Name NLM Version Replica Depth Time Source Time is in synch Time +/-
Srvr01 10551.78 0 Secondary No -2.04
Srvr02 20216.51 -1 Secondary Yes 0
Srvr03 20216.51 0 NTP Yes 0
Srvr04 20216.51 0 NTP Yes 0

SRVR01 (the sp3 box) has time drifting. Srvr02, the SP7 secondary, has correct time and shows all the expected options in Monitor | Server Parameters | Time. Srvr03 and Srvr04 both have correct time and are in synch, but I don't know what i would do if, say, I wanted to change their time sources...?

Thanks for any ideas on this,