In another thread Mr Shaffer reports some sync problems with multiple servers and also mentions that many of his Time Parameters have gone missing from the Console Monitor menu on his netware boxes.

I am not having sync problems as far as I know, but I am experiencing Mr. Shaffer's disappearing Time Parameters problem and would like to correct it.

My sole NW6.5 SPack 7 server is running on a VMWare ESX 3.5 host replacing a dedicated NW6.5 server box that I recently retired and properly removed from NDS. A day or so ago I reconfigured the new virtual NW server to be a SINGLE time reference (originally I had set it as secondary to the dedicated NW box), and also added references for external time sources. To do this I was able to use the relevant time parameters found in the Console Monitor. I also corrected the DST settings.

I had to play around with SET TIME a little bit because I inadvertantly set an erroneous date and started getting synthetic time messages. I have corrected that and the NW server now seems to be keeping stable and accurate time.

THEN, I looked at the VM Host and decided to set it up to get its time from an external server as well.

Sometime after that I went back to the Console Monitor on the virtual NW server and found that all the time parameters except for those 4 relating to DST and Time Zone were gone from the menu.

Did my changes to the VM Host cause this? I have now reversed the changes I made to the VM host by disabling its NTP connection and am waiting to see if that restores the missing time parameters. So far, they're still MIA.

Anyone have any light to shed on this oddity?

Thanks in advance,
Peter Smick