Client GW7.0.3

We recently ran into a situation where a corrupt client cache caused the PO to crash every 10 minutes when the client tried to connect. There was nothing logged that gave a clue as to why it crashed. We only found out the reason why because the user called to let us know they have not synced for 2 days. It was then that we noticed every time the client connected the PO would go down. Though the client itself would open and operate (browse mail and calendar etc) it would hang on connecting and cause the PO to fail. We ran maintenance on the local cache including a structural rebuild and it still would crash the PO. Only rebuilding the cache fixed the problem.

If it were one of our more remote users who went on vacation for a couple of weeks and left their machine on trying to sync every 10 minutes, we still would be wondering why we could not keep the PO running. Again, the PO did not log anything useful regarding this and you would not expect a PO to die because of one client. Throw in the fact that we have had corrupted cache clients before that don't bring the PO down and it leaves us slightly confused with a slight loss of confidence in the system. We logged core dumps and delivered them via an SR for assistance but we really don't have anything to go on yet. It really seems that there is something amiss with the server for that to happen.