I have just brought up a Xen virtualized SLES10sp2/OES2sp1 server and have included the iPrint files. The iPrint Server version is 6.0.2008.1215-0.3. This server is configured to use its own NIC on the host (the host has 8 NICs).

The iPrint server has a DNS entry. I have created the driver store (v2.00), the print manager (v2.00a), and one printer. Attempting to install the printer, using iPrint client v4.38 (Windows XP), results in Winsock 10060 - Connection has timed out error message. This occurs in IE7, IE8 and Firefox, and from different workstations.

I do not have Proxy enabled and Cups is not installed.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Phil Arnold
University of Central Arkansas