NW6, SP5
BM 3.8, SP2
NICI 2.6.5
NMAS 2.65 (NWConfig/Products screen show this as version 2.2.0, but
viewing the module information at the console reports 2.65 - Dec 3, 2003).

I'm getting the following on my BM Proxy Cache Server screen; any ideas
on how to correct it? The SAS object and SSL certs look okay. PKIDIAG did
not report errors.

Novell BorderManager Proxy Cache Server

Reading NDS configuration information

Cache is using 64 directories (configured with 64) on 1 volumes
Cache successfully initialized with 0 objects (0 files ignored).
Initializing SAS ....
Waiting for Directory Services to initialize before SAS login.
SAS initialization failed.
SSL initialization failed. Disabling SSL authentication
License Auditing Service Module Initialized
TCP/IP Addresses Bound On This Server:,
Configured Services:
Proxy Requesting Client at all TCP/IP addresses:1082
HTTP Proxy at TCP/IP address
FTP Proxy at TCP/IP address
Real Audio Proxy at TCP/IP address
RTSP Proxy at TCP/IP address
HTTP Proxy at TCP/IPX address 05DVCG6B:000000000001:1F90
Proxy SSL Listener at all TCP/IP addresses:443
MiniWeb Server at all TCP/IP addresses:1959