Until a couple months ago I was running GW6.5 on a NW6.5 box and another network in our organization was running Exch 2000 using the GW Exchange Gateway. We have one domain (mydomain.gov) and all our users use the same domain. It was all working satisfactory and it was nice having the address books synched.

His system died (Exch 2000) and he was unable to get support to bring it back up. We put his users temporarily in my GW system. I would love to keep them there but that's not an option at this point.

We successfully added about 70-80 users to the GW6.5 system then upgraded to GW8. He got his new Exch 2007 box up and running and, to my chagrin, the GW-Exch Gateway doesn't support Exch 2007.

I have looked around this forum quite a bit for answers but haven't found what I'm looking for... yet. So I decided to ask:

1. Will Novell be developing a GW8 - Exch 2007 Gateway?

2. If not... Is there a way to build an independent SMTP server that can query our individual systems (via LDAP or whatever) and route appropriately? With Novell going Linux I will be moving my GW8 server to Linux in the next month or so. I have also, successfully, installed a FreeRADIUS server so I'm becoming much more familiar with the OS. Does Sendmail (or other GPL software) have the capability of querying multiple systems and determining where to route email (either through SMTP or natively to the MTA) based on email address?

3. Is there another way enterprise networks do this that I'm overlooking? I know I'm not the only enterprise (small but significant ;) using one domain with different email systems.

Any books or websites you might suggest to help me learn this and set things up? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,