We have the regular Intellisync solution, and as far as I can tell, that
solution has been working pretty well. It is the phones that we have
been getting which suck big time. Our carrier is Verizon, and he is
trying to talk us into Blackberrys.

We have netware 6.5 which is running our Groupwise POA, MTA, GWIA, and

GMS 2.0 is running on OES SUSE.

The questions I have are: what is the most reliable way to have both
regular smart phone support and Blackberry support in our system? A
seperate Server? Running what OS?

What if any is the advantage of a Blackberry in a groupwise environment?
in general?

Does the carrier make any difference here? We are currently dealing
with Verizon, which seems to suck about as bad as AT&T.

Note, there is a great deal of international travel involved for several
users, to China, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, etc. How does
that impact the viability of a Blackberry?

Advice and insight greatly appreciated.