Reason for asking/hoping is that one of our clients have a LOT of
SyncML based phone's and after going from initial GMS and forward, the
whole setup is turning more or less USELESS!!

Nested exception anyone ??
( yes all trick/tips by deleting/recreating,etc have been done)
Issue seems to be that currently available phones simply doesnt work
with later GMS 2.x versions or GMS 3.x

We do know that the initial install of GMS 2.01 ( I think it was) was
working for a long time with phones that now with 2.03 does NOT.
Neither do these phones work towards GMS 3.x

So, Idea is to use the oldest availble GMS for SyncML users and then
have another GMS 3.x for Symbian and Windows Mobile users.

Question is;; is this supported ?
To GMS servers connecting to the same PO ??