DSfW install went smoothly and I encountered no problems during installation, but now, when I try to verify, that it's working, I get following error:
kinit Administrator@DOMAIN.COM
Password for Administrator@DOMAIN.COM:
kinit(V5): Preauthentication failed while getting initial credentials

In /var/opt/novell/xad/log/kdc.log there are following lines:
May 06 10:13:04 devana krb5kdc[23343](info): AS_REQ (1 etypes {23}) NEEDED_PREAUTH: administrator@DOMAIN.COM for krbtgt/DOMAIN.COM@DOMAIN.COM, Additional pre-authentication required
May 06 10:13:16 devana krb5kdc[23343](info): preauth (timestamp) verify failure: Decrypt integrity check failed
May 06 10:13:19 devana krb5kdc[23343](info): AS_REQ (1 etypes {23}) PREAUTH_FAILED: administrator@DOMAIN.COM for krbtgt/DOMAIN.COM@DOMAIN.COM, Preauthentication failed

Any ideas or suggestions?