Installation: NW 6.5 sp2, BM3.8 sp2a and post updates. Craig's tune-up.ncf.
Server: Single Xeon, 2gig ram, Ultra3 15k scsi at 160mb transfer rate, 4
cache volumes traditional, 3 gig each with 128 directories block size 16kb.
10 mb pipe to the net . Netcard set hard to 1 gig full duplex and matched at
the switch. I only use it for caching in a small school system. The stats
for cache hits never gets past 18 percent. I have never seen more than 2
fills waiting and the retry is just as low. Fills in progress during working
hours average 60 to 90. Currently running for over 35 days. No raid on the
caching volumes. Sys is mirrored.

Old server that above replaced
P3, 1 gig ram, 6 cache volumes 128 directories, NW5.1 sp6, BM3.7 with all of
the patches and sp's, Craig's tune-up.ncf, Scsi ultra2 drives. No raid on
the caching volumes. sys was mirrored. I don't recall teh block size or the
volume sizes.

Perceived problem for me. I got a cache hit ratio of just over 40 percent
with the slower system. what gives, any ideas? I replaced the older system
because of the slower scsi drives. The activity lights would just be solid
on all of the time. New system is just as busy. I could put in a controller
to get the 320 mb transfer rate but I am not so sure that will help being
that the current config technically blows my old one out of the water.