I have a 2 users with a N95 8GB Nokia.

One of them isnt acting right.

It syncs everything except the inbox (wirelessly via security gateway).

On the intial Sync (fresh client install), the client syncs completely everything.
-after- the first sync, everything gets done, EXCEPT the INBOX.

there is an option in the client to "flush" the devices emails, and re-sync, and that works after a reboot of the phone -> all emails sync.
sync again, nothing is synced in the inbox.

i keep getting a "ComFailException" in GWMS Logs.
The log also whines of an "EAPlugin" error. Google turns up nothing really interesting.

the pda the user has syncs fine. i deactivated all the other syncable items (sent, calendar, etc) one by one, they all work fine.

we deleted the device several times already. fresh install of the client also.

how now?