Situation :

We have a Novell Open Enterprise Server, Netware 6.5 SP7 running E-directory 8.8 SP3.
Our clients consist of Windows 2k/XP/Vista (64-bit). We are using DFS. We have several DFS junctions of wich the target is always the root of a volume. The Vista clients are running Novell Client v2.0 the rest is running v4.91 SP4.

Problem :

Vista clients are unable to manage the trustee rights on folders within a DFS junction point. The other clients don't have this problem. I remember this being a problem for earlier Novell Clients but I believe this was fixed in v4.91 SP2. The same problem occurs on Vista client v1.0
This is not only true for the trustee rights, but goes for all Novell property tabs. None of them are visible when going to the properties menu of a folder under a DFS junction.

Is this a known bug? Or have we stumbled upon an old bug that made its way back into the Vista client ?