I have an iPrint print driver for an HP LJ 1320N that seems to keep disappearing. We are still in a test environment but I have already confirmed printing to all of my networked printers in the building and am deploying iPrint to my IT staff, and I have had to upload the 1320 driver for at least the 2nd time. All of the printers that were configured to use it automatically grabbed it again, but does anyone else have a driver keep disappering on them, if so, is there anything I can do to make mine stop? This is the most prominent printer in my building and if it vanished when we are in production we might have some problems.

Also, I have decided to change the naming scheme of the printers before I deploy them and found that to change their names I should use C1. The thing that I noticed was that it updates the names in iManager for selecting them, but in the web page mydomain/ipp it still displays the old names. I have restarted services and gone as far as restarting the server, is there a way to make these names update? Thanks!