We tried to upgrade our GW5.5 PO and Domain last night with a few problems.....Hope someone can help. We are trying to upgrade our GW5.5 system to GW8. It is moving to a new server and a different tree. We tried to keep the PO and Domain with the same name but that didn't work. I set up the new server with NW6.5 and installed GW8 but didn't start the agents. I moved the directories over last night when I started the agents the Domain would not rebuild. So now I started a grafting of the PO and Domain now I see the objects in the new tree but can I point this Domain and PO to the new server with it having the same name as the other PO and Domain in the old server? Can I graft GW5.5 objects to GW system?
Is grafting or migration better? Can I do this while the other system is running?

Thank You for any help