This is strange. We've been pushing iPrinters to pcs at most of our schools this entire school year, but suddenly one school can not push them anymore no matter which method we use. The Tech at the school wants to install iprinters in a lab from the iPrint URL The Web page opens and is populated with all the printers, but when you click on ANY printer, the webpage goes to a blank page, but no pop up appears to indicate the printer is being installed. Consequently, the printer does NOT install. The iPrint Client is installed on the pc.

There is a "iPrint Printers on Server undefined " message on the left side of the blue band above the browser (the "Install Iprint Client is on this same blue bar, but on the Right side of the page).

Restarted Broker, Manager, Apache, Tomcat4 with no luck.

Running OES Netware (6.5 sp7), NDPS 4.0.7 (iPRint), Tomcat 4. Tomcat 5 is not installed on this server. Imanager is running on a different server and works fine on all the other schools.