Have BM3.7 and cannot FTP out. Recently removed a test hardware firewall
and since then FTP out has stopped. I must have missed something but no
idea what. I CAN FTP from outside the BM box so must be a local
configuration issue. Testing using WS_FTP LE v5.08. I have passive
transfers allowed. The hostname, userID and password are correct.

I have
- allowed all URL from my account [at the top of the BM access list]
- allowed all ports from my account
- unloaded the virus firewall on my PC and no Windows firewall running

I get: can't get 'site I want' host entry
: Connection failed

The connection outside the firewall goes out on port 21 and then
established on a high port like 34070.

Suppose I will have to try an analyser next?

Any ideas most welcome.
Thanks john