I've got a Windows Group Policy (local) assigned to my workstations (XP SP 2 / 3, IE 6, ZCM 10.1.3) and on some, but not all of the workstations the IE proxy settings defined in the policy are not being applied. I am using 'Preference Mode' in the GPO and all of the IE settings are applying except for the proxy settings. I was hoping someone could point me in a direction to troubleshoot this problem. I have already deleted the c:\windows\system32\grouppolicy folder and this did not clear up the problem.

Also I am seeing on other workstations the Group policy appears to be 'stuck' from an older version. I have made some changes to the Group Policy, but those changes are also not applying to the computer even though the policy version in the ZCM agent is showing the correct version of the policy.

Thanks for your help.

Patrick Ehrensing