I had a server setup as an imaging server, but the Preboot Service became corrupted and imaging stopped working. This server had been configured as an imaging server by being added as a satellite server to a main Zenworks server and having the content, imaging and pxe services checked to be installed.

I tried reversing the process by removing the satellite server, making sure all the services had been removed then adding it back in. That's when I got the message the the server could not be promoted to be an imaging server.

I even went so far as to remove the server from the configuration zone, removed the Zenworks client, casa client, manually cleaned up the file system and registry, then redeploying the system and adding it back as an satellite server, but got the same message that it could not promote the server to be an imaging server.

I am on Zenworks Configuration Management 10.10.3. What can I do to get my imaging server back up?