we are currently moving our data networks to a new provider and hit a
slight problem with our bordermanager. We have changed our external IP's
and made all the relevant changes to NAT's, Filters, routes, Autoexec.ncf
etc we have then connected the BM to our new router on the new data

When we try to connect to the internet all we get is "403 forbidden.
Access denied by access control list". Does anyone know of any specific
changes or documents that relate to this subject.

We did notice we had a default route on our old router which pointed to
the internal IP on the BM. We don't have this on the new router. Could
this cause the 403 error.

This is all kind of new so i'm doing a fair bit of guessing. Luckily we
still have the old data network set up so we reversed any changes and all
is ok for now....

Thanks for your time,